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Adelaide, Sep 17 : Researchers have unveiled the mystery why people put on weight after a shedding some post a diet programme, says a study. The way in which our stomach detects and tells our brains how full we are becomes damaged in obese people. It does not return to normal once they lose weight, according to new research from the University of Adelaide. Researchers believe this could be a key reason why most people who lose weight on a diet eventually put weight back on, reports Science Daily.

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Nach einem erneuten Interim wurde der blasse Andrew Bartlett aus Queensland Parteiführer. Dieser machte sich zum Gespött der breiteren Öffentlichkeit, als er von einer von der Liberal Party ausgerichteten Festlichkeit unter dem Jacket einige Flaschen Wein abtransportieren wollte, zudem wurde er auch noch bei einer anderen Gelegenheit im angetrunkenen Zustand im Parlament gegen eine Liberale Abgeordnete handgreiflich. Unweigerlich sackten unter seiner Führung die Umfragewerte der Demokraten weiter ab, was zu seiner Ablösung durch die verbindlichere Lyn Allison führte.

The Northern Myth - Page 70 of 89 - A look at all things northern ...

There can be no denying that Dignity for Disability's recent election and Paul's death are intricately intertwined. However, like many people with disabilities, I am pretty good at working with what I have. Yes, the circumstances under which my election came to pass are tragic, even macabre, and very difficult to deal with. But what option do I, and we as a party, have but to embrace this wonderful opportunity and privilege as best we can in order to achieve the best outcomes for people with disabilities and their networks in South Australia and to help Dr Paul Collier live on, because he should; we need him to.

The Big Water Debate: Water for Good - truth or lies

So I’m still working on my UK House of Commons map, and I’ve reached the Scottish border! As the map below shows, I have now completed 7 of the 9 regions of England, after just finishing North West. I only have yet to do North East and Yorkshire and the Humber, as well as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I’ve uploaded the latest version on the maps page.

Hopes in some countries that an El Niño weather event would bring rain to parched areas of the US this week declined as the US government climate prediction centre said temperatures in the equatorial Pacific had stopped climbing. During strong El Niños, abnormally warm waters in that region pump heat and moisture into the atmosphere, which leads to intense storms.

It’s nearly two years since the last election, when the Democrats lost all their seats, and over sixteen months since I finally left the Senate,  as did the Democrats as a party.  After a lot of thought,  I’ve decided to get back into party politics and contest a seat at next year’s federal election. It…

Mike Rann and his minister Rankine have a lot to answer for, I bet the scenario would be different if either had to care for a disabled child. South Australia is the highest taxed state in Australia at the same time receiving the least in regards to infrastructure, services and income.

I’m more interested in the unusual spectacle in Australian politics of a politician crossing between the two major sides of politics. While it is quite common in the UK and Canada for politicians to defect from one party to another, and even appears in the US (think Arlen Specter and Jim Jeffords), it just doesn’t happen in Australia. We’ve had a couple of Labor MPs defect to the Greens, and plenty of MPs on both sides become independents, although in most cases these defections have taken place in the dying days of a political career.

In the South East corner, Treasurer Wayne Swan’s seat of Lilley has its margin cut from 8.6% to 5.9%, but Labor’s position in the marginal seats of Blair, Moreton and Petrie is strengthened but weakened in Longman. The Liberal seat of Ryan has its margin cut from 3.8% to 1.2%.

“The Australian Democrats are far from dead. We have a very good strategic plan for rebuilding the party, guided by professional consultants, that is making good headway on what is a very tough road to resurgence. This latest act of disloyalty by Mr Winderlich is unfortunate, but will not disrupt our rebuilding plans.” Ms Melland concluded.

Think for just a moment of Indigenous Australians. I am not for one second suggesting that people with disabilities are comparable with Indigenous Australians in terms of the severity of the hardships they have historically faced. However, if I may be so bold, I would like to suggest that these two groups are similar in that they are each their own culture, with their own rich histories, hardships, languages and joys that simply cannot be understood as clearly, wholly or naturally by outsiders.

The closure of the Bridgestone tyre factory in Papanui, Christchurch has brought bad news for at least 275 employers of the firm who have lost job in the tough hours of hard economic conditions. The firm has decided to close both its utilities in Christchurch and Adelaide, South Australia due to slump in demand and ever declining margins. The firm said, in its explanation, that international scenario has made the tyre production non-viable and the firm failed to meet with global competitiveness despite its continued efforts.

At three successive elections in 1982, 1985 and 1989, the ALP and the Liberal Party won five seats each, with the Democrats winning one. This meant that, from 1985 to 1993, the Democrats solely held the balance of power. From 1982 to 1985, the opposition Liberal Party held half the seats in the Council.

Adelaide is one of many cities around the world facing acute water shortages as populations grow, long-term droughts continue and ground water is not replenished. The Chinese water minister, Chen Lei, today told engineers at a water conference that two-thirds of Chinese cities now face serious shortages due to rapid industrialisation and climate change.

At 3:07 pm on Friday 14th May 1999, Senator Brian Harradine rose to address the Senate. As with this week ten years later, it was just after a federal Budget had been delivered – Peter Costello’s third.  Unlike this week, discussion over the content of the Budget had been quickly subsumed by speculation over whether…

"Take the hair", it is well written,"of the dog by which you're bitten.Work off one wine by his brother,chase one poison with another".Antiphanes, 479BC

Pretty much everything I did this week could have had a ‘last time’ label attached to it – last Party Room meeting, last Committee meeting, last Whips meeting, etc. I’ve avoided recording all of those, as it quickly gets rather tiresome. However, I thought I’d record the last Democrat question ever asked in the Senate. Partly…

The marginal seats on the old boundaries are shown below. Labor held 15 seats, the Coalition 13 (Liberal 10, national 3) with Independent Bob Katter holding the northern outback seat of Kennedy. Nine of Labor’s 15 seats were marginal on the old boundaries.

Number 1: Tradition. ‘Cafe Spire’ ran out of Hope Hall for a number of years and over time, the vigorous flame of our volunteers dwindled. People became less capable of facilitating it, mainly due to age and the demanding nature of running a commercial kitchen. Our new cafe is a testament to the old cafe and what our volunteers achieved with ‘Cafe Spire’ for approximately 8 years, applying much energy, determination and commitment.

One seat I wanted to particularly point out is Ryan, which is the sole remaining Liberal seat in Brisbane proper. Ryan was held by a 3.8% before the redistribution, while on the draft boundaries the seat is held by a bare 1.2%.

Kristen Hall-Geisler, Contributing Writer Kristen Hall-Geisler has been an automotive journalist since 2002 and has written about everything from electric car racing to exotic car test drives to the intricate insides of engines. She's also the author of "Take the Wheel," a car-buying guide for women, published September 2013.

Gaza: Water fit for human use will run out in the Gaza strip within 10 years, the Gaza Coastal Municipal Water Utility and UN agencies said this month. Tap water is already salty, and only 5-10% of groundwater is drinkable. Gaza's population is expected to increase to 3 million by 2025.

“The Democrats have a proud history. Our achievements include banning tobacco print advertising, introducing World Heritage legislation, calling for a national takeover of the Murray back in 2001, and securing the independence of the ABC.

I am still trying to figure out how big a place the idea of fate has in this chamber. However, I will say that the fact that the person who, for want of a less candle snuffing expression, would take Paul's place is 21 years of age, disabled and a woman seems a pretty big coincidence to me.

Stephanie Crawford, Contributing Writer Stephanie Crawford is a technical writer from Raleigh, N.C. She has a degree in mathematics education and a minor in computer programming from North Carolina State University. During her career, Stephanie has been a middle school math teacher, an instructor in Linux system administration and a developer for technical training courses.

Adelaide, October 21: In a new study, University of Adelaide researchers have determined that genetic information from an extinct species of bison preserved in permafrost for thousands of years could help improve modern agricultural livestock and breeding programs. Researchers from the University’s Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD) worked with an international team of genomics researchers to analyse the genetic mutations of an ancient bison, many modern cattle breeds and members of the larger ruminant family tree, including deer, antelopes, and giraffes. Their findings open the way for identifying important mutations in the ancestors of domestic animals, according to ACAD Director Professor Alan Cooper.

“Ale, especially that made from barley, clogs the sinews, causes headache and congestion of the head, yet it overstimulates the action of the kidneys, and, when drunk to excess, lowers the temperature. That, however, which is brewed from wheat, and is flavoured with mint and parsley, is judged better for everybody. Still, in the case of persons exposed to the sun’s heat, in feverish conditions and sultry weather, its use is inadvisable.” From The Science Of Dining – A Medieval Treatise on the Hygiene of the Table and the Laws of Health, translated from the Latin by Arthur S. Way D. Lit, MacMillan, 1936. Previous translation The Schoolmaster, 1583. Original text from Mohammed ibn Zakariya al Razi, Arabic medical writer (865-925AD).

“People constantly say that about us,” she tells Inquirer. “But I can show you the first document produced by the NSW Greens, in 1984, in which the environment is one of many issues. The Greens are an organisation where you’re looking at everything and the interactions of everything.”

I’m inclined to tip: Liberals 4, Labor 3, Greens 1, Family First 1, who-knows-who 2. I agree with Wakefield about Darley – unless Darley has made a name for himself by taking stands on principles, being a Xenophon “person” alone probably won’t help him. The Senate result in South Australia at the last Federal election, which had Xenophon and the Greens and Family First together winning 3 of 6 seats, makes me think that minor players will do well here, but at the same time I wouldn’t be surprised to see either the Liberals or Labor gain an extra seat.

Nur einen Monat nach der Wahl im April 1993 übernahm die ambitionierte Cheryl Kernot die Parteiführung. Sie konnte gut mit den Medien umgehen, und ihr gelang es, bei den nächsten Wahlen 1996 das dritte zweistellige Ergebnis für die Demokraten einzufahren. Die ausgebildete Lehrerin, die, wie später bekannt wurde, eine private Affäre mit dem vormaligen Labor-Außenminister und seinerzeitigen Schattenminister Gareth Evans unterhielt, trat letztlich selbst zu Labor, und damit den "Bastards", über. Es wurde dabei spekuliert, dass ihr ein Ministeramt versprochen wurde. Ihr gelang es auch knapp, einen Unterhaussitz für Labor zu gewinnen. Die Labor Partei blieb aber in Opposition und Kernot verlor bei der nächsten Wahl ihren Sitz wieder, womit ihre politische Karriere endete.

Maybe, but the NSW Greens are frequently described as an uneasy alliance of urban guerillas and tree-huggers, with Rhiannon representing the former and her upper house colleague Ian Cohen representing the latter strain. This will make for some interesting dynamics if Rhiannon makes it into the senate. Federal Greens leader Bob Brown, who came to politics from the campaign to save Tasmania’s Franklin River in the early 80s, is closer to Cohen than he is to Rhiannon and is one of those Greens whose top priority is saving the planet. The destruction of Western capitalism lies further down the list.

David Nicholas Winderlich (born 18 January 1964), is an Australian teacher, public servant and politician who in February 2009 was the Australian Democrats nominee to fill a South Australian Legislative Council casual vacancy in a joint sitting of the Parliament of South Australia following the January 2009 parliamentary resignation of the incumbent Democrats member Sandra Kanck. Becoming an independent after nine months, he was the last Democrat to have sat in any Australian parliament. He was not re-elected at the 2010 election.

I think it’s a great idea to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote. We should, as a society, allow as many people as possible to vote, so the voting age should be set at the lowest level where people can make a informed, educated decision (although many adults don’t make informed decisions, so I don’t know why we would expect anything more from teenagers).

"Another dry year will deplete our reservoirs and the water in the Murray will become too saline to drink. We are talking about 1.3 million people, who are not far off becoming reliant on bottled water. We are talking a national emergency," said South Australian MP David Winderlich.

Adelaide's water crisis follows similar problems in cities around the world, as the combination of growing population, increasing agricultural use and global warming stretches resources to the limit. Experts are warning of permanent drought in many regions.

Less than two years after being re-elected with a massive vote, Nick Xenophon resigned from the Legislative Council in mid-2007 to run for the Senate in South Australia. Xenophon again won a seat with a huge vote for a minor party candidate, and has served in the Senate ever since. His seat was filled by John Darley, who had run in the third position on the No Pokies ticket in 2006.

‘Domestic violence never rests; in fact this Valentine’s Day, SA police can expect to respond to the usual 30 or so domestic violence cases just like any other day,’ says Uniting Communities’ Chief Executive Simon Schrapel. ‘With most domestic violence going unreported, this is just the tip of the iceberg.’

Despite being elected on the same ticket, Xenophon and Bressington operated as independents from the early days of the new Council. The Rann government gained no seats, so still needed to gain four extra votes to pass legislation. With two Democrats losing their seats, Rann needed four out of six MPs, effectively operating as five separate blocks, to pass legislation.

The WHO says the acceptable level of salinity for safe drinking water is 800 EC (electrical conductivity) units but the salinity in parts of the Murray is now around 1,200 EC units. The water authority says it will begin shipping water when the salinity rises to 1,400 EC units.

Adelaide (Australia), Dec 11 : Virat Kohli on Thursday became the third cricket player in Test match history to score a century on his debut as captain. Kohli notched up his seventh century in his 30th Test. At the time of the filing of this report, he was batting on 107 of 164 balls with twelve hits to the fence. Kohli's ton has helped India give a strong reply to Australia's first innings total of 518 for seven declared. At the time of the filing of this report, India were sitting pretty on 346 for the loss of four wickets off 87 overs, but are still trailing Australia by 171 runs. Keeping him company at the crease was Mumbai batsman Rohit Sharma on 19 of 37 deliveries. (ANI)

According to the loose factionalism of his party, Mr Parker is a “blue Green” rather than a “red Green”. With a background in marketing rather than Stalinism, he carries none of the far-Left baggage of many senior NSW Greens.

I am sometimes asked if the name of the party I represent, Dignity for Disability, implies that people with disabilities do not already have dignity. My response to this is simple: no. In my mind the word 'dignity' in the name of the party simply means that people with disabilities are dignified and intelligent human beings who are able to make a real and lasting contribution in society, and it is high time that the services and opportunities given to them reflected this.
david winderlich
I would usually just get up onto the stage and adlib something, as I am of the view that the last thing that the sector needs is another PowerPoint presentation. Through these speeches I developed something of a small cult following, and, while I really enjoyed doing them and appreciated the increased support and awareness, it occurred to me that I still was not getting a new wheelchair.

Winderlich announced that, as an independent, he would focus on three policy areas: governmental reform, rights and freedoms, e.g., for bikies, and a sustainable approach to the management of water resources in South Australia. In particular, he was opposed to the Port Stanvac Desalination Plant and to the Wellington Weir proposal.
Sitting in this chamber as the youngest female and the first person ever to be elected into the South Australian parliament who uses a wheelchair, is, as I am sure you can imagine, not an easy thing to describe. I would like to employ one of the basic rules I often used in what is now, I suppose, my other life as a writer.

CONFESSIONS "After enough years newspapermen begin to pall on other newspapermen; they begin to take their good qualities for granted and wince at their shortcomings, of which the most common are a vanity that sometimes borders on the thespian and a sort of perpetual mental adolescence that I think stems from starting a fresh story every day or every week or month and never having time to get to the bottom of anything. They forget that newspapermen as a class have a yearning for truth as involuntary as a hophead’s addiction to junk. The question of whether the junkie really loves hop is academic; he can’t get along without it. A newspaperman may write a lie to hold his job, but he won’t believe it, and the necessity outrages him so that he craves truth all the more thereafter. A few newspapermen lie to get on in the world, but it outrages them, too, and I have never known a dishonest journalist who wasn’t patently an unhappy bastard." A.J. Liebling, war correspondent,New Yorker, Algiers, January 1942.



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